Together Through COVID-19 Pandemic

As you know, 10 Twenty 2 is an American company, but most of our supplier factories are located in China and India. The products you purchase will be produced, inspected, and packaged in China or India, and shipped to your door through international logistics such as DHL / UPS.

As the world comes together to beat the COVID-19 outbreak, 10 Twenty 2 is doing our best to soften the blow for our customers across the globe. We believe that if we can give you one less thing to worry about, we are achieving our mission to better people’s lives.

CEO and co-founder at 10 Twenty 2

"The 10 Twenty 2 team is working hard to make sure we continue a high level of service despite current circumstances. Our goal is to remain fully operational and implement solutions that work and are ready to respond quickly as the situation develops. Thank you for your support."

What we are doing about it

While we can’t directly tackle the outbreak, 10 Twenty 2 is uniquely positioned to help reduce your shipping time this is still out of our control before you place your order just know (Current for processing time is 4-8 working days) Shipping Time 3-10 business days in this time Affected by the current COVID-19, you might get your order sooner but in the worst case scenario those are the time we expect. courier companies began implementing contact less delivery to ensure that the package will be received safely Due to the corona virus, a large number of international logistics flights have been canceled. Only international logistics companies such as DHL / UPS have their own flights and can transport packages normally But their capacity was limited, and the packages had to be queued for transportation. 


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